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Lossiemouth 11th Jan 2022

Please post movements and activities to do with RAF Lossiemouth here
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Lossiemouth 11th Jan 2022

Post by Bluetail » Tue Jan 11, 2022 3:13 pm

Today's other action

Poseidon MRA.1 ZP809 arrived on delivery direct from Boeing as "Poseidon 1" and as expected un-named.

Spartan 12 Flt (2 Sqn)
12-ZK424 (NATO 70th badge)
13- ZK307

VENOM 11 Flt (6 Sqn)
11- ZK438

Calibrator 815
Beech 200 G-FLYW (Still in FlyWales mkgs)

FANG 11 Flt (9 Sqn)
11-ZJ924 WS-J
12-ZJ928 WS-Y (Ground aborted at the runway threshold) This was newly marked up at the end of last year and replaces ZJ913 WS-Y

Stingray 01- Poseidon ZP801
Guernsey 02 - Poseidon ZP806 (2nd RAF flight)
Stingray 03- Poseidon ZP803

Spartan 21 Flt (2 Sqn)

Venom 21 Flt (6 Sqn)
21 - ZK327
22- ZK353

DREAD 11 Flt (6 Sqn)
11- ZK427
12- ZK438
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